Articles in Monasteries & Temples for Shingkhar

Tingkarong Lhakhang

Description Tingkarong is located in Shingkar gewog under Zhemgang dzongkhag. From the main Zhemgang town, it takes a day by […]

Pising Zowa Chagdor Lhakhang

Description  Pising Zowa Chagdor lhakhang popularly known as Pisingna Lhendup Choeling lhakhang is a privately owned temple. It is located […]

Tashi Thongmon Lhakhang

Description Tashi Thongmon lhakhang or Wamling Gonpa Tashi Thongmon (as the residents call it) is nestled against a cliff above […]

Wamling Trong Lhakhang / Lhakhangbi

Description Wamling Trong lhakhang, locally known as Lhakhangbi, is a private temple. It is located at an elevation of 1401m […]

Gangdarpong Lhakhang/ Pong Lhakhang

Description Gangdarpong temple, locally known as Pong lhakhang, was a privately owned temple located at an altitude of 2025m, overlooking […]

Wamling Pong Lhakhang

Description Wamling Pong lhakhang (temple) is located on a ridge above Wamling village.  The temple is named Wamling Pong temple […]

Wamling Phu Lhakhang

Description Wamling village is located about 3 hours’ drive from Buli village, and it is connected by a newly paved […]

Wamling Gaden Tashicholing Lhakhang

Description Gaden Tashi Choling, Shingkhar gewog, Zhemgang district, is a one-storey temple built on a ridge that overlooks the village […]

Jatshabi Lhakhang

Description Jatshabi is a private lhakhang, owned by Lopen Phuntsho and his family. It is located at Jatshabi, consisting of […]

Yombung Lhakhang

Description The Yombung lhakhang is a traditional two-storey building, owned by Lopen Jimba and his family. Lopen Jimba inherited the […]

Mongling Lhakhang

Description The temple is located on a hill top above Nimshong village with a very peaceful surrounding. It is approximately […]

Phumedthang Lhakhang and Dratshang

Description Phumedthang (Phu med thang, plain without hill) lhakhang is a government owned temple located on a flat hill in […]

Thrisa Gaden Choeling Lhakhang

Description Thrisa Gaden Choeling lhakhang is located in the south of Zhemgang town and it is approximately 132 Kms away […]