Articles in Monasteries & Temples for Nangkor

Tali Dratshang or Tali Thegchu Yoezercholing Gonpa or Kuenzang Chokhorling

Description Tali dratshang (monastery) is located in Tali village, Zhemgang district. The dratshang is located on a mountain slope opposite […]

Tali Lhakhang / Tali Sergi Lhakhang

Description Tali lhakhang (temple) is located in Tali, Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang district.  Tali village is connected by a feeder road […]

Tashi Choeling Lhakhang / Duenmang Lhakhang

Description Tashi Choeling Lhakhang, popularly known as Duenmang Lhakhang, is located at Duenmang, in Nangkor Gewog, Zhemgang Dzongkhag. It is […]

Khangzang Lhakhang /Zhobling Lhakhang

Description Khangzhang lhakhang, popularly known as Zhobling lhakhang, is located at Zhobling, in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. Zhobling is about […]

Nyakhar Lhakhang

Description The Nyakhar lhakhang is located in Nyakhar village, in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is located approximately 55 kms […]

Tshaldang Lhakhang

Description Tshaldang lhakhang is located above the village farm road at Tshaldang village in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is […]

Ogyen Choling Lhakhang

Description Ogyen Choling lhakhang is located above Tsaldang and Nyakha village in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is approximately 56 […]

Buli Dechen Choling Lhakhang

Description   Buli Dechen Choling temple is located in the heart of Buli village under Nangkor gewog and is about […]

Buli Khelam Gonpai Lhakhang

Description Buli Khelam Gonpai Lhakhang is a privately-owned temple, and it is located in Buli Gonpa village. One can reach […]

Monmo Tokto Lhakhang

Description Monmo Tokto Lhakhang features more of Tibetan architectural design. It is a two-story Lhakhang built on a hill. The […]

Kheng Buli Khar Lhakhang/Bar lhakhang

Description Khar Lhakhang is a community-owned temple located in the middle of Buli village, Zhemgang. It is a one-story temple […]