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Amai Ugyen Pelzom – A Mournful Tribute to Kheng Buli

Description Amai Ugyen Pelzom is a song of sorrow (འཁྲུལ་གླུ) that is sung in Kheng Buli in Zhemgang Dzongkhag. The […]

Chili Chili Bya Chili – A Vibrant Song of Kheng Ngangla Trong

Description A traditional song called Chili Chili Bya Chili is popular in Ngangla gewog in Zhemgang district. On every occasion, […]

Bomeyla Karmai Wangzom – A Voice of Kheng Ngangla Trong

Description Ngangla gewog is in Zhemgang district, which is in the south-central part of Bhutan. In Bhutan, each locality has […]

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    • Zhemgang (Kheng)

      In 1963, the ancient region of Kheng (the historical Khengri Namsum) was divided into the districts of Mongar and Zhemgang. […]