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Tangsibi Mani

Description Bumthang district is well-known for its many historical and religious sites that are ancient and sacred. Many different religious […]

Dechenling/Tangsibi Lhakhang

Description Dechenlinglhakhang,locally known asTangsibilhakhang,is situated in the heart of Tangsibi village. There are 65 households, which are divided into two […]

Tashiling Lhakhang

Description Tashiling lhakhang, the hermitage (Tshamkhang) of Terton (Treasure Discoverer) Sherab Mebar is situated west of Tangsibi village. Ever since […]

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  • About Bumthang

    • Bumthang

      Bumthang is the name given to the area encompassing four valleys: Chhume, Chhoekhor, Tang and Ura. Their altitudes vary from […]