Wangthang Lhakhang


Two temples similar to houses and several smaller buildings used by the religious practitioners


The oldest temple was built by Khedrup Jigme Kundroel (1729-1798), a disciple of the great master Jigme Lingpa, and the founder of Dungsam Yongla Gonpa in Eastern Bhutan.

He was instructed by his master, Jigme Lingpa, to proceed to “Lhomon” (southern Mon country) where the abode of Vajra indicating wrath existed (Yongla). He mistook Bumthang Ura Wangthang for Yongla in Dungsam and meditated there for three years before getting clear indication and moving to Yongla. Khedrup Jigme Kundroel was instrumental in establishing the Lonchen Nyingthik tradition in Bhutan.

Around 1950 (?) Tulku Yeshe Dorje (1930-1983), the reincarnation of Jigme Gyalwai

Nyugu, who was from Mynak in Kham came to Wangthang from central Tibet and took over the old temple. He became the first Wangthang Rinpoche and established a meditation place for practitioners and a Tshepamey temple. He got married twice and had many children. He spent winter in Mongar Tsakaling, his 2nd wife’s home.

The 2nd Wangthang Rinpoche Pema Kunzang was born in 1984 in Mongar Chali and studied at Lhodrakarchu monastery in Bumthang.

Architectural style / school and related art works

The complex is typical of Bhutanese village architecture, whitewashed stone walls and large windows.

Social cultural function

The temple upholds the Lonchen Nyinthik tradition of Jigme Lingpa and has several religious practitioners living there.

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