Pema Choling Nunnery


On a windy plateau at the entrance of Tang valley, about 5 kms from the main Jakar-Ura-Mongar highway, the nunnery is made of several buildings: hostels, classrooms, kitchen, temple.


In the 15th century, a prophesy was made by Pema Lingpa, known as the patron saint of Bhutan, that one day in the future there would be a great center of learning for women in the center of the sacred Tang Valley. The present 9th Gantey Tulku, as a lineage holder of Pema Lingpa’s teachings, decided to establish a monastic school for nuns at that place and from 2001, nuns settled there living in huts. From 2005, the buildings have ben built by nuns, working alongside workers from a vocational training school in Thimphu and villagers.

Architectural style / school and related art works

Large rammed earth buildings with extensive woodwork in the Bhutanese style.

Social cultural function

The nunnery is a monastic school (shedra) under the purview of the present Gangtey Tulku (b.1955). It houses about 100 nuns between 12 and 70 year of age, who follow the Nyingma Peling tradition and have a 9 year academic cursus.

The nuns also perform prayers and rituals in the nunnery as well as for the villagers.

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