Chakhar “The Iron castle” lhakhang

Chakhar is located the east of the new town Dekiling and Jampa Lhakhang, on the edge of the plateau overlooking the river and close to the royal guest-house. It is made of a cluster of three houses and besides a prayer-wall and chortens.

According to the history, in the eighth century, Bumthang was under the rule of a king named Sendhaka (Sintu Raja) whose residence was the ‘Iron castle’, Chakhar.
A temple was later founded on this spot by the saint Dorje Lingpa in the 14th century.
The head of the family who lives at Chakhar is said to be descended from Dorje Lingpa and he bears the name of Chakhar Lama. The house dates from the beginning of the 20th century but was entirely restored in 1999 and two houses were added in the 2000s.

Architectural style / school & Related art works
The temple is similar to a house but has a golden pinnacle which signals its religious status. Made of stones, the house contains an elaborate private chapel and numerous books as well as masks for religious dances.

Social cultural function
This is a private temple. The Chakhar Lama, who is a well respected figure, takes care of the annual festival of Jampa Lhakhang, with which bonds continue to survive after many centuries. He also overlooks the festival of Nabji in the Trongsa district. The Chakhar lama is also a master in making masks for religious dances.

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