Lugi Rawa Lhakhang

From the end of the rough road going to Dhur, it takes two and half hours uphill to reach the temple in a very forested environment.

The history of this temple is not known at all. The place is said to have been a meditation place of Guru Rinpoche. The first foundation is attributed to the Tibetan Lama Ngog Chöku Dorje (1036-1097), a disciple of the great Marpa.
Local tradition says that Lama Karma Thinley restored the temple as it is now and that he was from the Karma Kagyu school but no date is given.
The temple is now under the ownership of the Tamshing Choeje.

Architectural style / school and related art works
It is a large stone structure in the Bhutanese style of construction.
In the temple there are statues of the Lord Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and Amitayus. The paintings represent the lineage tree of the Karmapa and Guru Rinpoche. The guardian deity is the powerful Palden lhamo.

Social cultural function
Very isolated, it is also own by the private by family of Tamshing choeje who has a caretaker who carried out daily rituals.

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