Jakar/Byakar Lhakhang


The temple looks like a large house but has a sertho (“golden pinnacle”) on the roof. It is sort of hidden amidst recent constructions at the foot of the hill of Jakar dzong, near Kaila’s guest-house.


Founded in 1445 by a descendant of the great Nyingma pa lama Dorje Lingpa  (1346-14050.

Architectural style / school and related art works

The temple upper floor  contains some very fine paintings, especially one of the deity of Victory and Long Life, Ushnishavijaya (Tsugtor Namgyalma) represented in a chorten. The temple appears to have been restored at the end of the l9th century as there is a painting of the Shabdrung Jigme Choegyel (1862–1904). The principal statue is Guru Rinpoche.

Social cultural function

It is private and people from the vicinity use the temple as a place of worship.