Uru Lhakhang

It is located below Buli village on the right side of the rough road leading toward Tharpaling monastery from Gyetsa village and it is a five-minute drive from the highway.

The foundation of the temple is still obscure although it is often attributed to a descendant of the saint Dorji Lingpa. Given its proximity with Buli lhakhang, which was founded by Dorji Lingpa’s son, this is highly probable. In 1978 the villagers restored and enlarged it so that they can conduct rituals.

Architectural style / school and related art works:
A modest one storey building in Bhutanese style. The original layout is still visible and remarkable by its small size, a feature often found in very ancient temples.

Social cultural function
It belongs to the village community. The caretaker is appointed on a rotation basis from among the villagers. On the 15th day of the fourth month of the Bhutanese calendar, the community conducts a ritual called Drubchen and a recitation of the Kanjur, Buddhist holy texts.

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