Pangtey Lhakhang

Very modest building on a ridge close to the forest and, not far from Nyimalung Monastery and Prakhar.

It was established in the early 20th century by Lama Namgyal, a descendant of Thugse Dawa, Pema Lingpa’s son, who went to Tibet to study religion. When he came back, he set up a hermitage for himself but many disciples came to listen to his teachings. Therefore, he built the first Pangtey Temple.

Pangtey was also home of Dasho Jamyang, the father of the two Queens of the Second King. The place was given to Nyimalung monastery in the late 1990s to upkeep the place and establish a monastic school (shedra).

Architectural style / school and related art works:
Bhutanese house style. Excellent art works.

Social cultural function
Pangtey used to have a festival called Drup but in the 1950s the Senior Queen of the Second King decided to move the festival in Prakhar for public convenience.

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