Local Doctor in Chhume

My name is Yeshi Dorji. I am from Urok. I am 55 years old and I have 2 sons and one lovely daughter in law. I just got a grand child who is 24 days old. I am a farmer and a cow herder.

Since 25 years I have been doing healing practices for both animals and people from the Urok community.

I have no formal training as such. I learned these practices by myself.

My specialty is to treat join dislocation, twisted nerves in all part of the body especially hands and legs of both animals and humans.

For humans I do it be feeling the area affected, and repositionning the dislocation or the twisted nerve. Nowaday I use plaster.

For animals, I learned through cutting the affected area of several dead animals. I was also frequently asked by Jakar hospital to work for them for the human treatment, but I refuse because I have no interest to work in the hospital. Specially for treating join dislocation, I feel the local healers are better than modern healer.

So far I have been treating more than hundred human patients and 200 animals. My sons are not interested in this practice, but I have one friend to whom I can pass my experience and knowledge. I hope in the future he will become a traditional healer treating the problem.

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