Specificities of Places of Historical & Religious Importance in Bumthang

Because of the place of religion in the socio-historic fabric of Bumthang, most of the places of interest are in relation with monastic establishments or noble families related to religious figures.

There are also holy places called “ney” which were sites of religious figures’ activities and can be just imprints in a rock, or a river gorge like Mebartsho ” the burning lake”.

Palaces which were used by the royal family when Bumthang was considered as the summer capital by the first and second King, are one of the hallmarks of Bumthang.

Ruins are usually left by fires, but a noticeable exception is the large Draphe Dzong in the upper Chhoekhor valley which is being excavated.

Inscriptions and mantras carved slates are found mostly on prayer-walls, and Ura has important historical inscriptions.

Stone pillars, of different heights, are free standing and might have commemorated important events or used as boundaries markers.

Lukhang, tsenkhang, neykhang : small closed square structures which are the abodes of the local protective deities.