Chorten Nyingpo Lhakhang

Chorten Nyenpo is not a chorten but a temple built on the top of a hill in Chhume above the place called Kakaling or Yamtrak. It takes a good 45 minutes on foot to access it.

Its foundation is attributed to two persons by the same name and therefore its story is not clear.

The first tradition says that it was built in 1587 by Tenpey Nyima, the grand son of the great religious figure Pema Lingpa (1450-1521) who also established Prakar nearby.

The second tradition said it was founded in 1587 by Tenpey Nyima, the Shabdrung’s father, on his journey through Bhutan from Tibet. He took a consort Ani Machig from the lineage of the great religious figure Pema Lingpa. A family looks after the temple.

Architectural style / school and related art works:
It is a small building, typical of the unassuming architectural style of this period in Bhutan. The stone throne where Tenpey Nyima gave his teachings is still there.

Social cultural function
It is a venerated place kept by a caretaker but without much activity because of its isolated location.