Textiles (thagzo)

Textiles were woven almost exclusively by women. They are made of silk, cotton and wool yarns and can be plain or highly decorated. After a long hand-made vegetal dying process, or the purchase of ready-made threads, they are woven on back strap looms or on pedal looms. The most spectacular weave called Kishuthara includes the brocade technique.

Each pattern and color combination has a specific name and the motives have symbolic meanings. The best weavers came from the East and North-east of the country. They wove, in their spare time, for their family and to pay the textile tax. Nowadays, in urban centres, women have taken up weaving as a profession as there is a market and some men have joined them. The Textile Museum and academy in Thimphu is raising the profile of Bhutanese textiles and is a great encouragement for the weavers